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Our Balers

Middleton Engineering offer bespoke waste baler solutions to your specifications. Our waste baler design office and CAD department led by our senior draughtsmen, has been an area of constant investment. This ensures our baler machines are delivered to you using tomorrow’s technology- today. Safeguarding your investment for years to come.

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Baler Products

40+ years of design expertise is hard to come by, that’s why Middleton Engineering is the preferred choice for design and manufacture of a wide range of balers. Each machine can be tailored to your needs.

Shear Press

These are a range of shear press channel balers, they are robust and designed for easy maintenance.


The SCAPA HB PrePress prepress design adds considerably to the throughput achievable.


The SCAPA ME closed-end, semi-automatic baler range is ideal for both local authorities and distribution depots.


These SCAPA Twin Ram Balers can deal efficiently with a wide range of waste streams.

Polypress 200

The Polypress 200 recycling baler is designed to assist in the recycling of expanded polystyrene packaging.

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Installation & Training

Middleton Engineering’s service team offer a complete range of installation, start-up and commissioning services.

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